Toilet paper

(Meredith) - A family in Australia is going viral after they accidentally ordered more than 2,000 rolls of toilet paper.

Haidee Janetzki said she meant to order 48 rolls of toilet paper from an online retailer last month but instead ordered 48 boxes, which contained 2,304 rolls.

She didn't notice the charge to her credit card bill until the boxes were delivered to her 北京福彩官网 in southern Queensland state, .

Janetzki told the news outlet she felt "confused and like a bit of an idiot" when the order finally arrived.

The flub comes at a time when people are stockpiling toilet paper and other household essentials amid the coronavirus outbreak. Some major retailers in Australia have even restricted the amount of toilet tissue each customer can buy, .

Janetzki and her husband, Chris, said they calculated it would take their family 12 years to get through all the rolls they mistakenly ordered.

Chris also posted a that showed Haidee sitting on a throne made out of the large boxes of toilet paper, which drew in plenty of laughs.

“We are flying high, we are sitting pretty, we are loaded with toilet paper,” Chris said in the video.

The family is now selling some of the toilet paper in a fundraiser to help with a field trip at their kids' school, according to .

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